Saturday, November 8, 2008

Finally exams over...

Finally, examination for Module 2: Sales & Marketing Principles is over, but the assignment should be completed and submit before or by 22nd November. Please take note.

I do hope that all did well in the examination, it's kinda pretty tough without the remembering the chart, but hope that all well goes well. I do enjoy writing and answering the essay, but the clock is ticking away.. Hope i would have more time to write on the exam. If you guys have completed the assignment, then question 3 in the exam should be a piece of cake, at least that's what i thought.

For those who doesn't have a group study, it's time to set up your own group and meet at least once a week outside of studying day, this allow you to stick in a group and learn from each other through discussion and inputs from everyone.

*Derrick is crossing his finger*


hafiz_roslan said...

didnt hope do well in this exam... just can answer question2 the others all goreng only until hangus

Miss said...

Eeemm..yup.. exams is over...BUT the application is not over yet. We must be able to apply whatever we learned from Mr Zul to the real world…don’t just for the sick of answering the exams ya..:-)

Ohh...ya the assignment, remember guys...submit as early as posibble or by...go refer time table:-) - PH

Gee said...

Let gone-by-gone. Still 12 papers ahead of us. Stick together (but not toooooo close) exchange of ideas,

fairuz said...

hahahha gosh im stuck in doin my assignment. HELP HELP.. Anybody got the format that DR Zul mention. guide me where to find

- fairuz