Saturday, November 1, 2008

Important Topics for Exams

Just to share what our lecturer have told us today on the examinations.

1st Question - Marketing Concept (refer power point notes slide 14)
- Functionality of Yield Value
- what is the most important monitoring system

Difference between Marketing & Sales (slide 13)

Definations of Marketing (Slide 11)

Why satisfied customer may not lead to customer loyalty (slide 18)

The new relationship marketing, differences (slide 31)

Marketing Functions (slide 48)

Marketing research process flow (slide 55)

PEST Analysis (slide 56)

Competitive Pressures (slide 59)

Marketing Management (slide 65)


Erine Lim said...

Kudos to Derrick !!

Nazmo said...

Finally i'm in! hahaha! can start leaving comments already! :P

Zulkufli said...

Dear All,
Please note that the !st question written in the BLOG in NOT 1st question. That was the first important topics that we have discussed in the lecture.

Kindly read my e-mail to you for guidance and DONT get PANIC. Calm down, you all can do well.



hafiz_roslan said...

mr zul i didnt get any email from you for the exam guidance.


hafiz -

Nazmo said...

I want to wish everyone the best of luck in your exam this coming Saturday! You can do it!!! Positive thinking! Believe you CAN do it, and so u will!!!


hafiz_roslan said...

can anybody help me please....

what is the monitoring system n what the example of monitoring system?

thanks in advance....